CDGP - Data Center for Deep Geothermal Energy


The LabEx G-EAU-THERMIE PROFONDE is a research program on deep geothermal energy founded by the French Ministry of Research and Education in the framework of the "Laboratories of Excellence" initiative.
CDGP is set to archive the high quality data collected in the Upper Rhine Graben geothermal sites and to distribute them to the scientific community for R&D activities, taking Intellectual Property Rights into account.

CDGP is part of EPOS-IP Anthropogenic Hazards and provides Episodes. An Episode is a comprehensive data description of a geophysical (e.g. deformation) process, induced or triggered by technological activity, which under certain circumstances can become hazardous for people, infrastructure and environment.

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Data available on the platform

Data distributed by the CDGP consist of seismological and hydraulic data that have been acquired during stimulation or circulation phases at Soultz-sous-ForĂȘts pilot plant. They are gathered into "episodes": time-correlated collections of geophysical, technological and other relevant geo-data over a geothermal area. Other geophysical data (gravimetric, magnetic, InSAR) will be also inserted into the datastore in the future.

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News and Agenda

New datasets available on the EPOS TCS-AH platform!

Datasets related to stimulation Episodes in 2004 and 2005 are added to the TCS-AH platform. Episodes from 1993, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005 are now available.

Published on 08 August 2019

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